To book a session please click on the “Book Session” button below to choose the type of session and date. Once a booking is received I’ll reach out to confirm the date, location and what your likes, wants and desires are. I’m happy to design a custom session for your specific needs. Please note the calendar doesn’t reflect all available dates and times. I’ll do my best to accommodate your request. 


I take great care and pride in providing a high quality, professional and fun experience. The only difference in the different packages is where you choose for location(s). I offer studio, local and travel sessions. We will have a pre-session consultation to discuss locations, poses, and types of clothing to wear. Below are some general guidelines to help you prepare. These are just guidelines and not hard, fast rules. After all, it is your session. I’ve learned from experience that taking a few extra pre cautions ahead of time make for better results. 

CLOTHING: The following are just suggestions based on my experiences and will vary depending on the type of session. Try to avoid wearing stripes and loud, busy patterns (makes the eyes tired). This applies to shirts, pants, socks, dresses and skirts. Long sleeved shirts, tops and dresses look better than short sleeved or sleeveless ones. Long pants and skirts usually look better than short ones. Choose clothing with solid colors and/or very small patterns. Earth tones such as red, burgundy, blue, purple, olive and green work well. Think about how your clothing colors complement or detract from your coloring. Pastels and very light colors tend to photograph lighter than you would expect. Darker colors bring out skin tones better than lighter colors. I prefer no bright white outfits and prefer off-white, cream, beige etc. It’s important to bring additional outfits to blend with different backgrounds. You should have a mixture of dark and light tones. Please discuss with me during our pre-session conversations. 

FOOTWEAR: Bring an assortment of footwear to include your favorite boots, sandals or heels to complement your outfits. Make sure clothing is wrinkle free with no pet hair, etc.

HATS:  I recommend that if you usually wear a hat all day - don't on the day of your portrait session. (They make hair rings.) Bring it with you and have a few shots taken with it on, after the other "hatless" portraits have been taken.

SHINE REDUCTION: Oil on skin creates shiny spots on your face. To reduce shiny spots, apply a light dusting of baby powder or cosmetic powder to your face. Spots most likely to shine are noses, cheeks, chins, and foreheads. (This applies to guys too!)

ACNE: Try not to worry too much if you have acne or blemishes. Retouching works wonders! If you have very heavy acne, it is best not to cover it with hair (such as bangs). Bangs over acne makes retouching more difficult.

GLASSES: Light reflected from a flash in eyeglass lenses can create white spots and glare, hiding your eyes. To reduce this occurrence, you can check to see if your lenses have a glare resistant coating, ask your optometrist to temporarily remove your lenses or borrow a set of frames similar to the ones you usually wear. If that’s not possible, I’ll arrange the lighting to minimize any chances of glare.

HAIR: For your portraits, you want your hair to look its best. I recommend that if you are planning to have it cut before your portrait session, have it done at least two weeks before. This gives it a chance to grow out and look natural.


APPEARANCE: Tan lines are somewhat difficult to remove, so if you do tan, please be mindful of tan lines with clothing you’ll be wearing. In regards to nail polish: all on or all off. Chipped and missing polish can ruin an otherwise beautiful image.

FACIAL HAIR: If you have a heavy beard and don't want that "shadow" to show, please shave before you come to the studio for your session.

JEWELRY/WATCHES: Try to remember to wear only the things you want in your portrait. I encourage woman to wear tasteful accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

PROPS: If you are in sports and want photographs with your letterman jacket, stick, racquet or ball - bring it! If you have special hobby equipment or a musical instrument - bring it!

ATTITUDE: Believe it or not, your attitude makes a big difference in how your portraits turn out. Many people feel nervous....I understand that you may feel stress about wanting to look your very best. That's what I want too! Most people leave a photo session with a smile still lingering on their face. I guarantee we’ll have fun during your session as well. I prefer you bring a close friend or parent with you to assist in outfit changes etc. This person should be someone you are very comfortable with and won’t make you feel intimidated during the session. Just saying. 


PROOFING: Within a few days of the session, you’ll receive a link to your private proofing gallery on the website with a password. Out of the hundreds of images shot, I’ll cull the images down to a manageable amount from which to choose your final edits included in your package. I’ve learned that giving you, the customer, options is the best choice. These proofs are raw, unedited versions straight from the camera. The final versions are of much higher quality and polished for the final look customers expect from me. THESE IMAGES ARE SOLELY FOR PROOFING AND NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION AS THEY DON’T REPRESENT THE FINAL PRODUCT.

EDITING: Once you’ve given me your choices, I’ll edit the images to include cropping, retouching, stylizing, etc. We’ll have a conversation about what you do and don’t want removed when it comes to facial blemishes, marks, etc. Photoshop is a powerful tool, but I never want to overdue an image to make it look fake or not represent the individual. I will also discuss with you the sizes you’ll eventually be printing as not all images crop for all sizes. The natural image size from the camera fits a 4x6 ratio more so than an 8x10. Knowing your desires helps me in the final cropping.

DELIVERY: Once your images are edited I will upload the hi res versions to another “finals” gallery on the website that is again password protected. I’ll also include black & white versions at no further charge. From the gallery you can download the images to use for printing and I’ll also send you a USB flash drive containing the files for future use. These images are copyrighted, but you can print them freely. No further image manipulation is allowed. I look forward to capturing your memories for years to come.